Bottoms Up by mnwood

Summary: Sam could’ve kissed them both when he got to the bunker one day to find a string of clothing (his heart nearly burst with hope when he saw the abandoned flannel and trench coat) leading to a very naked pile of limbs tangled on the couch. Just kidding. Of course it wasn’t the couch. Sam always imagined it as the couch because the fact that he actually found them on the dining room table had tainted the happiness of the memory.

Pairing: Gabriel/Sam, Dean/Castiel

Rating: T

The Blind Passenger by viviansface

Summary: After a serious car accident, Dean suffers temporary memory loss. Eventually, though, he gets his memories back - he remembers everything. Everything except his husband and anything that’s got something to do with him. Dean has no idea why that is, but with time, he finds his way back to Castiel — only to find out that maybe, there is a reason his mind kept blocking him out.

Paring: Dean/Castiel

Rating: E

Waiting for You by whiskygalore

Summary: Misha’s life is awesome. He has great friends, a successful career as an artist and a simple approach to his love life; no complications, no emotions, hook up, get off, and get out. The night a drunk driver plows into his friend Jensen though, everything changes. Jensen’s fight to survive and his devastating injuries will shatter Misha’s uncomplicated lifestyle for ever.

Paring: Cockles 

Rating: E

Gonna Hide my Wings Tonight by happyfunballxd

Summary: 1947—A special wing of an old asylum is dubbed the ‘Angel Wing’, since all the patients there claim to be angels (and in other cases, a demon and a pagan god). The administration claims them to have schizophrenia. A team of detectives is sent to look over the place, one undercover. What’s wrong with the patients in the Angel Wing, and what does the administration have to hide?

Paring: Dean/Castiel

Rating: T

Peace out, Bitches by Sa_kun 

Summary: With Sam off at Stanford, Dean decides it’s time he started a new chapter in life as well. In California, with a job he more or less loves, a new apartment and sporadic visits from his brother, he finds friends, companionship and family again. Oh, and then there’s Castiel.

Paring: Dean/Castiel

Rating: T

Oadriax by Daksgirl

Summary: After the death of their estranged mother Mary on a planet called Oadriax, Sam and Dean hop the first transport out to the edge of the civilized galaxy. After a tense run in with the base’s demonic security chief and his creepy second in command Alistair, Dean finds himself lost in the forest, and stumbles into an angel with black wings and blue eyes that calls himself Castiel.

Paring: Dean/Castiel, side of Sam/Gabriel

Rating: M

Prince Consort by hunters_retreat

Summary: Jared Padalecki had what most people want; a good home, great friends, and a fulfilling job. The only thing Jared is missing is a love life – and after a few glasses of wine he’s happy enough to tell people about the pains of being mated to one of the fae. Jared’s life is turned upside down though when Titania, Queen of the fae and his mate’s mother, shows up demanding he use his bond to find her lost son. Jared doesn’t know where to find Jensen, but with his friends in tow, he heads back to the Otherworld to face the four tribes of the fae to find his wayward mate. Will Jared be able to find Jensen through a bond that has been three year muted? And can he find a way to save Jensen before the tribes of the Otherworld try to rip him and his friends apart?

Paring: J2

Rating: NC-17

Jared’s Ghost by lyryk

Summary: When Jared, a forensic pathologist, disappears in war-torn Sri Lanka during a human rights investigation, Jensen has no choice but to go after his estranged boyfriend.

paring: J2

Rating: R

Ice is Slowly Melting by rockstarpeach

Summary: Jensen Ackles is happy. He’s successfully put tragedy behind him and after three years, things are going well, better than he’d have ever thought possible. He’s got a great job, an amazing kid and his boyfriend, Jared is finally moving in.
But when he learns that his deceased husband is in fact alive and well, his perfect plans for the future are thrown out of whack. His life is turned upside down while he tries to figure out what he wants and what he needs, choose between his desires and his obligations.
This is a story of loss, of hope, of tearful reunions and heartfelt goodbyes. It’s a story of three grown men (and one little boy) playing a hard dealt hand with maturity and grace. Mostly though, it’s a story of love.

Paring: J2, previous cockles

Rating: M

Righting Wrong Already Inked by belwrites

Summary: The fire that destroys the apartment building of Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak sparks a chain of events that lead to Dean and Cas three thousand miles from home, at a family reunion with the very people Cas has tried to forget. But maybe a little family bonding is just what Cas needs to heal old wounds and start forgiving himself for something that happened years ago, something he has immortalized onto his skin in Technicolor.

Paring: Dean/Cas

Rating: M