Splash by SerasKucheki

Summary: Castiel’s life was going pretty well until the day his girlfriend left him. He didn’t want to grow old alone and surrounded by rotting fruit so he goes back to a place from his childhood that always helped him feel better. Except this time he gets into an accident and runs into the person he has dreamed about for a few years now.

Paring: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel

Rating: T

Know your Fingers Through Mine by TealTumbleweed

SummaryDean’s carefully planned future threatens to go up in smoke when he is forced to take a literature class over the summer. He resigns himself to having the worst holiday ever, until he realizes that his project partner may be the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Paring: Dean/Castiel

Rating: T

The Mute Leading the Blind by Siennis

Summary: Dean is 28, mute and working at bar for his basically mother Ellen. Sam is 24, blind and a lawyer in town. Castiel and Gabriel are PhD’s.

Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel

Rating: PG-13.

Notes: I don’t know why, but I’m always drawn to mute or blind fics. Especially blind ones. But this one, besides the fact that it’s amazingly written, it makes you feel happy inside.


Together we Ratify the Silence by destructive_entity

Summary: War photojournalist Castiel Novak has spent his career reporting from the front lines, chasing one disaster after another. World-weary and disillusioned, he doesn’t know a life outside of chaos and turmoil, impervious to feeling much of anything. A chance encounter introduces him to Dean Winchester, a police officer trying his best to lead a normal life post-military. The two men are quick to bond over their shared struggles, forming a strong friendship that helps Castiel remember there is a myriad of emotions for him to experience. But Castiel has spent most of his life observing rather than living, and he’s not certain he can stop running.

Paring: Dean/Castiel

Rating: E

Notes: I absolutely loved how the author handled the relationship between Dean and Castiel and Castiel’s issues.


Carry you Home by lus_suira 

Summary: Dean Smith is 27 and has a relatively stable, normal life as a mechanical engineer at MorningStar Inc. Sure, this life isn’t quite what he had in mind when he moved out of his parents house, but now that it has happened, Dean can’t say he’s unhappy. He can’t say he’s thrilled either though.

Enter stage Castiel; a riddle wrapped inside an enigma. He wriggles his way inside Dean’s life and everything about him seems right, although Dean doesn’t understand how or why. On top of that, he starts to have the same dreams he had as a child. Dreams of traveling the country with his make believe brother Sam fighting monsters except now, they’re bloodier, and way more vivid. So much so, they start to bleed into Dean’s life. Plus, to make things more complicated, Castiel seems to be hiding something. A secret so big, it makes Dean ask a big question: Just who exactly is Dean Smith?

Paring: Dean/Castiel

Rating: NC-17

Big Machine by Anubis_S_J

Summary: Dean Smith is an intelligent, successful businessman who is perfectly content with his life the way it is. That is, until he meets Castiel Novak. Castiel is strange and unlike anyone Dean has ever met before, but he can’t help but be drawn to him.

Paring: Dean/Castiel

Rating: R

Angelfire by cherriesareblue

Summary: Dean hates staying inside the castle. It’s a cage, a constant reminder that he’s going to be king one day, whether he wants it or not. When his brother Sam brings an injured angel who needs help to end a war from a hunting trip in the dangerous forest, Dean takes his chance to get out. He follows Castiel into the woods, deeper than a human ever was, unaware that there’s more than just monsters in there.

Paring: Dean/Castiel

Rating: M

The Needs of the Few by godotfound

Summary: Star Trek AU: Starfleet Captain, Dean Winchester, of the USS Impala, is on a routine mission when he receives a communication from a mysterious branch of the Federation known, as Section 31 telling him his father has gone missing. In his search for clues he encounters a strange Vulcan on a desterted planet who may have secrets of his own

Paring: Dean/Castiel

Rating: Not rated

Roots by anythingtoasted

Summary: After the apocalypse, Dean, Sam and Castiel settle into a gentler life, and Dean starts to make peace with the things that plagued him before 2009. Tentatively, carefully, he starts getting better.
But something lives in the woods, in the house; something calls to him in his dreams that crosses the lines between waking and sleep. Whilst trying to reconcile himself with himself, Dean finds himself wondering if the things he’s managed to build are really slipping away, or if the whole thing is just in his head.”

Paring: Dean/Castiel

Rating: E

Notes: Of course happiness couldn’t last forever.


Muted Angels by carpe-verba

Summary: Alternative Reality, non-supernatural, Dean/Castiel and past Dean/Lisa. There’s nothing worse than a case involving dead kids, at least in the book of Detective Dean Winchester. It’s just his luck that his partner is the lieutenant’s favorite, and she chooses to give them the high-profile murder case of a dead girl from the suburbs. More deaths follow, and the two of them get sucked into the world of religious cults and ritualistic murders. In the face of that, Dean’s feelings for aforementioned partner are the least of his problems.

Paring: Dean/Castiel